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Forward Friday: Are you more physical or digital?


Are you more invested in your physical reality or in digital experience?

This week we considered the possible future of the Church and of body theology as we become more and more invested in digital community.

This weekend, take the opportunity to assess your priorities.  Where are you investing your time and energy?

Try the following exercise:

Here’s an example.

1) Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle of the page, from top to bottom.  On the left side, write PHYSICAL.  On the right side, write DIGITAL.

2) Throughout the weekend, log the type and duration of your activities.  Anything that plants you firmly in the physical world, write on the left side.  Anything involving digital community, write on the right side.

3) At the end of the weekend, tally up your time spent on each side of the page.  Which side receives more of your attention and investment?

4) Reflect on the results of your exercise.  Are you pleased with the choices you made over the weekend?  Does the amount of time spent accurately reflect the priorities you thought you had?  Did you discover anything new about yourself?



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