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Reflections on Body Theology: 10 Things that Annoy Me about Being a Woman

1)  Getting my period

2) Gynecological visits

3) Birth control

4) Bearing all physical responsibility for having a biological child

5) The prospect of going through menopause one day

6) The way men react when I cry because I’m angry, upset, tired, frustrated, or stressed

7) Being told what I can and can’t do or what I should and shouldn’t do by gender-specific culture and then being judged by both men and women for making my own choices

8) The assumption that I must enjoy fashion, shopping, makeup, and the color pink and that because I don’t, I’m somehow less woman-y than women who do

9) The pressure to break all gender stereotypes, even when they actually do apply to me, not because I’m female but because I’m me

10) Longer lines for public restrooms



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