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Forward Friday: Write Your Letter


On Wednesday, I contributed to the SheLoves syncroblog on writing love letters to our bodies.

This weekend, you guessed it, try writing a love letter to your body.  It’s a strange and unusual experience, but you might be surprised what comes out of it.

This is a chance to break the refrain that runs through our heads, reminding us what we don’t like about ourselves. Be bold. Be honest. Be funny. Be vulnerable.  Embrace the body you have, just as it is right now.

Even if you already have a healthy body image, this is a great opportunity to reflect on your unique relationship to your body.  It is, after all, the temple of the Holy Spirit, right?

Not sure where to start? Check out some wonderful examples on the SheLoves website.

Not just for women! Men, you go right ahead and write your body a letter, too.

If you feel comfortable sharing, post in the comment box below, or just leave a link to your blog or Facebook post.  I’d love to read what you come up with!


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