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15 Benefits of Being a New Church Plant

  1. You don’t think you have everything figured out yet.
  2. You don’t feel the need to run everything like a well-oiled machine.
  3. You don’t have any parking spaces labeled “senior pastor only.”
  4. You are still small enough that you recognize a new face.
  5. You are tight enough that most of the participants feel like family.
  6. You can recognize your mistakes as mistakes.
  7. You can admit your mistakes and move on.
  8. You’re more willing to try new (or really old) things.
  9. You’re more likely to keep/enjoy/benefit from the new (or really old) things that you try.
  10. You have to ask for help more often.
  11. You get to help/volunteer/participate more often.
  12. You feel more ownership and buy-in because you are helping/volunteering/participating.
  13. You worry less about who you might offend or what unspoken rules you might break.
  14. You worry less about starting new programs.
  15. You worry more about identifying what God is already doing and how to enter into it.


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