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Guest Post Series: Five Questions on…Cultures (with Matthew)


with Matthew Knowles

1) Describe your experience in other cultures and the attitude toward/relationship to body image you observed there.

I have lived, worked and studied in China since 2009. The first thing that comes to mind is Chinese people are envious of foreigners figures. The girls all want to have white skin, protruding noses and double-skin eyelids. Many even go as far as skin whitening and plastic surgery to achieve these changes.

2) How has that relationship/attitude affected the way you think about your body and/or your self-image?

I like being tall, but I hate when a billion Chinese people call me tall everyday.

3) How has that relationship/attitude affected the way you relate to others?

I get annoyed more easily because I’m tired of hearing the same words out of everyone’s mouth.

4) How has that relationship/attitude affected your spiritual life?

It’s made me frustrated more, depressed some, angry often, and overall pulled me away from God.

5) What word of wisdom or encouragement would you offer other people on a similar journey?

I need the encouragement! … But really, have anchors in your life. Get out and refuel when needed. Iron sharpens iron.



What about you?

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