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Guest Post Series: Five Questions on…Food (with Jenn)


with Jenn

1) Describe your relationship to/experience with food.  If it has changed over time, describe the change.

I have always loved food…the variety, the possibility, and the flavor.  However, my experience of eating food has not always been pleasant.  Ever since I was a baby, I have had digestive issues–meaning I had pain and discomfort often after eating.  Until I was 25, I thought there was nothing I could do to change my digestive issues besides medication remedies, and they often didn’t work.  
When I was 25 I began dating my husband who was gluten free.  As we often shared food on dinners out or I cooked gluten free to accommodate his dietary restrictions, something funny happened… I began to feel better! This began a journey of learning that what I eat, affects how I feel.  Five years later, I found  and have stuck to a diet that has brought me complete healing–the Paleo Diet.  No longer do I fear pain when I eat–and that is an amazing gift.  Some might say being on a such restricted diet would be too hard but it has opened my world in learning how to cook well and understanding the relationship between my health and food.

2) How has that relationship/experience affected the way you think about your body and/or your self-image?

As I have experienced physically healing, my body image has become more positive.  My body looks completely healthy now.  I rejoice in that and thank God!

3) How has that relationship/experience affected the way you relate to others?

I find myself more passionate to educate and help others learn the importance of diet and nutrition.  As others in my life have come to realize a specific diet would help their health issues, I share my story and resources that I’ve gathered.  And while I once began my recipe blog simply to keep my recipes organized, I now write to give encouragement to others that eating Paleo is possible and yummy!

4) How has that relationship/experience affected your spiritual life?

I attribute my physical healing to God.  I prayed for years to be healthy and He has answered those prayers. 

5) What word of wisdom or encouragement would you offer other people on a similar journey?

Reach out to others going through similar journeys, search online for support and resources, and seek the Lord’s strength and encouragement through it all.  Also, if you are interested in the Paleo Diet, check out my blog at:

What about you?

Have your own answers to these questions? Why not share them? Email your responses and a recent picture to bodytheologyblog at gmail dot com.  You can also post anonymously if you wish.

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