A Year in Review

I’m proud to guest post today for my good friend Tammy over at Live, Laugh, Love. She asked me a few questions about what life has been like recently compared to the previous year.  Thanks, Tammy, for the opportunity to reflect and share!

Here’s a little excerpt below. Be sure to click on through to read the rest at Live, Laugh, Love.

1. Where were you one year ago from today? And how did you see yourself in a year?

A year ago today, I was married just over a year and living in Santa Barbara less than a year. My husband and I were still looking for a church community, and I had been unsuccessfully applying for jobs in the area to supplement the part-time work I was already doing from home.  I was still recovering from an intense season of burnout and had just undergone a series of medical tests to rule out any medical contribution to my extreme and prolonged fatigue.  I would have described myself as tired and isolated but also as a happy newlywed.
At that point, I couldn’t summon the energy to project into the future very far and could not imagine what would come a year from then.  I knew I would still be married, and I hoped we would be moving on to a different area of the country–preferably one with a lower cost of living and a different community/church environment.  The energy I did have I put into building my blog platform and shaping my voice at Holistic Body Theology Blog. I alternated between feeling invested and successful at blogging and feeling drained and like I was wasting my time.  Sometimes I felt ready to close it down altogether because I wasn’t getting the return I wanted for all the energy I invested in writing.

2. Where are you today? What has actually changed from where you saw yourself?

Today I am in a very different place… Read the rest at Live, Laugh, Love!

About Laura K. Cavanaugh

I'm a writer, spiritual director, and advocate of holistic body theology.

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