Easter Break

Hello lovely readers! I hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration yesterday. I’m taking this week off from blogging.  See you all back here April 16th!  If you miss me in the meantime, here are 10 popular posts you might have missed:

Reflections on Body Theology: 10 Things That Annoy Me About Being a Woman

Conversation: Are You an Ender or a Starter? (Part 1)

Bathtub Spirituality: Getting Naked Before God

Performing Open-Heart Surgery

I Gave Up BEING AWAKE for Lent!

Sex Is Good, Even When You’re Not Having Any

My Body Is Rebelling

Powerful Words

Gender-Inclusive Language; Gender-Inclusive God (Part 1)

Response to: Is Premarital Sex Okay for Millennials?

About Laura K. Cavanaugh

I'm a writer, spiritual director, and advocate of holistic body theology.

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