Reflections on Body Theology: 10 Lies I Believe about My Body

1) I’m not pretty.

2) Even with makeup, I’m not pretty.

3) I need to lose weight.

4) I have too much hair in the wrong places.

5) I am responsible for how men react to the way I look.

6) Dressing in clothes that aren’t baggy is immodest.

7) Showing my legs or arms is immodest.

8) I should be ashamed of myself for wanting to look pretty.

9) My husband is not really attracted to me.

10) I’m not feminine enough.

About Laura K. Cavanaugh

I'm a writer, spiritual director, and advocate of holistic body theology.

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  1. Yeah, these are all pretty much lies. Modesty is a tricky subject. I feel like as long as your clothing is “complete” (no backless shirts or, I dunno, legless pants?), you should be ok. Especially since modesty varies by culture. But, as far as how men react to you, I never thought it fair to blame the woman for any stares or prolonged glances she may receive. We shouldn’t try to tempt others, of course, but really, aren’t we each responsible for our own eyes? If I stare, that’s on me.

    • Laura Cavanaugh

      Well put, William. May more of culture follow your example and learn to take responsibility for ourselves!

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