Forward Friday: Parable Walk

Since we’ve been touring Flora Slosson Wuellner’s book Prayer and Our Bodies this week, let’s try one of her suggestions for this Forward Friday.  If the one below doesn’t resonate with you, be sure to check out this week’s posts for other ideas.

Remember, whatever activity, meditation, or version you choose, that the important thing is not what you do but how you do it: “When receiving God’s gifts and nurture through the senses, it is essential to be deliberate, aware, focusing upon each event, receptive to each sensory experience in its uniqueness.”

Take a parable walk

Here’s an activity from Chapter 5:

Try taking a “parable walk,” in which you set out with no special agenda, asking God to show you something that will be meaningful, relevant to your problems and feelings.  Whenever I take a parable walk or suggest it to members of a retreat, there is always something observed or experienced that is helpful.  It is not usually something sensational.  Other people may have noticed nothing, but it seems significant for your life.  It might be something about a cloud, a tree, a door.  It may be the way a tree is shaped, what an ant is doing, or how a bird is sounding.  It might be someone’s face, the way the breeze feels, or the way a dog is barking.  but here will be something God wanted you to encounter.  Perhaps it will evoke a memory whose time for healing has come.  It may offer guidance for an unsolved problem.  It may give you the inner nurture you need.  You may be comforted or become aware of a new insight.  You may be enabled to laugh, to weep, to love, or to release.

Then come back and share your experience in a comment below.

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I'm a writer, spiritual director, and advocate of holistic body theology.

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