Forward Friday: The Body of Christ and the Body of Christ

This week we looked at community in Bonhoeffer’s writings and how that relates to being the body of Christ and the body of Christ.  In case you missed it,

Part of holistic body theology is engaging in healthy community as the body of Christ.  We are the community of God, and through Christ we interact with one another to build each other up as we seek to live fully into our identity as the image of God. Likewise, another part of holistic body theology is engaging in healthy interaction with the world, both as individuals and together with the community of God.  This is the body of Christ, the activity and impact of the community of God as we participate in the incarnation of Jesus.

Yes, I did just quote myself.

So for today’s Forward Friday, let’s try our hand at one of the two below.  For extra credit, try them both!  Leave a comment below to share what you tried and how it worked out.

1) Being the body of Christ

Bonhoeffer wrote that the greatest benefit of community is the sense of togetherness derived from doing life together.  This weekend, invite some fellow Christians over for dinner.  They can be your close friends, acquaintances you’d like to know better, someone new to your community, or a combination. No need to prepare a Bible study or elaborate ritual for the group.  Just enjoy being in community together and sharing a meal, mindful that Jesus often broke bread with his friends, too.

2) Being the body of Christ

Bonhoeffer wrote that one of the costs of discipleship is dying to self in order to free ourselves from our own selfish concerns and turn our attention to the concerns of others.  This weekend, try focusing on a current issue, either in your town or on a larger scale, and look for a way to participate in advocating for others.  Not sure where to start?  Check out International Justice Mission and become better informed about human trafficking.  Then, get involved. You could volunteer with a local social justice group, sign a petition, or support a valued charity.  Find one opportunity to be Jesus’ hands and feet in the world, and take it.

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I'm a writer, spiritual director, and advocate of holistic body theology.

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