Identity in Christ

Yesterday we looked at the dangers of self-deprecation and believing lies about ourselves.  Sometimes we can get caught up in what the world, other people, and even what we say about ourselves.  When that happens, it’s much harder to recognize the truth anymore.  Sometimes we can be so overcome by the lies we believe about ourselves that we no longer hear God’s speaking truth over us.

But we’re in luck.  God tells us all about who God is and who we as Christians are because of God.  God is the great I Am, the Beginning and the End.  There is nothing that God does not understand or know about or control.  Despite sin and evil in the world, God’s opinion of us has not changed because of who we are in Christ.  Finding the truth about ourselves is as simple as cracking open a book.  Let’s take a little tour this morning and hit some of the highlights.

God created us in the image of God. (Gen 1:27)
We are God’s good creation. (Gen 1:31)
Our bodies are not shamful. (Gen 2:25)
God created our spirits and our bodies from the moment of conception. (Ps 139:13)
We have the Spirit of Truth living in us. (Jn 14:16-17)
We are like Christ not only in death but also in the resurrection. (Rom 6:5; Rom 8:10-11)
There is no condemnation for us because of Jesus. (Rom 8:1-2)
We are the temple of God. (1Cor 3:16)
We are part of the body of Christ in equality because of the Holy Spirit. (1Cor 12:13)
We are being transformed into the image of God by the Holy Spirit. (2Cor 3:18)
Our bodies contain the glory of God. (2Cor 4:6-7)
We are new creations. (2Cor 5:17)
We are the children of God and God’s heirs. (Gal 4:6-7)
We are complete in Christ. (Col 2:10)
We are new and are being renewed according to the image of God. (Col 3:9-10)
We are from God and are overcomers. (1Jn 4:4)

These are just a few of the truths God has shared with us through scripture about our identity through Christ.  Next time you’re tempted to believe lies about yourself, go back to this list and remind yourself of the truth of who you are.

When God’s truth is the basis for our identity, we are better equipped to be discerning about messages we receive elsewhere.  More on that tomorrow.

About Laura K. Cavanaugh

I'm a writer, spiritual director, and advocate of holistic body theology.

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